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About Us

LEMA Collective has selectively curated a collective of best-in-class experts and businesses, who not only understand, diagnose & provide solutions for the challenges facing you and your business, but will stand by you throughout the process of resolving them. Our key objectives are not only finding you the highest quality of solutions, but also the efficiency of implementation. 


​Our practice framework enables us to provide you the precise talent that you need, when you need it, to help you overcome the obstacles in your way & focus on what lies ahead. Collectively, we clarify assumptions, analyse data, refocus on your growth & we do it hand in hand with your team.

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You Can Trust

LEMA Collective Limited is the brainchild of Ani Attamian, a global thought leader with a focus on tech transformation. For over 20 years, Ani witnessed consistency in the struggles companies were experiencing in their attempts to understand challenges standing in the way of their goals. Whilst these goals varied from business to business, the crux of the problem was consistent throughout: too much noise making it difficult to see the problem - often leading to solving for the wrong challenge.


Attamian’s experience includes over eleven years at Google, where she led the EMEA team responsible for building partnerships between Publishers in Europe, Middle East & Africa and various product areas within the company. Her prior experience ranged from transformation of global retail and technology businesses in the B2B and B2C space in both Silicon Valley, UK and Europe, working across sales, media, and product development within various traditional and digital businesses. 

Solution Oriented Analysis

Clarity. [Utility]. Quality. Methodology.


Are you introducing yourself to your customers with the right pitch? Do you have a sound business strategy in placeIs your sales funnel direct enough to meet the needs of today's impatient consumer? Are misleading assumptions standing in the way of meeting business goals? Our team will run a health check for your business, helping you clarify sales strategy & ensure ROI.


Understanding the Buyer: who is buyer and what do they require? How are they engaging with our product/service? 

Understanding Trends: where do new influences, such as the use of Artificial Intelligence, come into the equation?Interpreting the Data: is the data you're measuring the correct one & what does it tell you?

Our aim will to help you determine these factors and address each accordingly, always keeping an eye towards your end goal.

People & Process

Are you clear on what you need to start a new business? 

Do you have an understanding what drives your employees in order to develop and retain them?

Are you continuously identifying company gaps in order to build programming for your team with the latest trends in mind?

Are the business leadership & your teams working towards the same metrics?



Karen Amundson, Founder, Apiary Digital

Ani was instrumental in advising and supporting me through my entrepreneurial journey when I founded Apiary Digital a decade ago and has been a fruitful partner ever since. Apiary is a collective of highly skilled, independent growth marketing professionals dedicated to growing clients business by simply and seamlessly by connecting human expertise to business opportunity. Ani helped me with everything from creating a structure for scoping that was appropriate for handling larger clients, to helping negotiate and close deals and provide client services. She guided me through understanding what Apiary needed from a branding standpoint and even identified and RFP’d and ultimately landed a branding agency that was right-sized for where Apiary was at the time, and right-sized for the big vision I had for Apiary’s future. She also advised me and hand-held me through the entire decision making process around the early branding. In fact, Apiary literally wouldn’t be “Apiary” without Ani, as it was her guidance that led me to the creative team who came up with the name. 


Ani introduced me to key players of high quality talent who ultimately made up a significant portion of our early talent bench, and who were the first to set the very high bar for talent caliber that we still have today. The connections Ani helped me to forge have proven invaluable and have and will continue to have a lasting impact on the business. I can’t tell you how many times we have landed a client over the years only to trace back the equation of “how did we meet that person? How did we meet the person who introduced the person?” Only to eventually discover that Ani was the root person who introduced the original connection. 


Beyond the things that are easy to quantify of Ani’s impact, her true secret sauce as an advisor is harder to explain. She offers a healthy kind of encouragement that helps people like me to take the leap into doing things that we are meant to do, but with an honest and astute assessment of what the business may not be ready for. So when she tells you to go for it, you know she’s right. And her ability to strategize in the realm of human relationships is unparalleled. Apiary is a human-centric business where we believe that humans are greater than business. Having someone like Ani in Apiary’s corner from the outset was an unfair advantage.

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